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Viral Safelist Mailer is an Email Marketing System

Which allows you to email hundreds, even thousands, of prospective clients easily at the push of a button. Built to Increase Your Website Traffic, Viral Safelist Mailer allows you to build your primary business while earning affiliate commissions at the same time.

Our state-of-the-art script gives you the ability to reach thousands of real people safely and securely. We provide free and affordable advertising to help you create sales and build your business.

Viral Safelist Mailer uses a "Click&Surf" system which allows you to earn views for your websites by viewing our other member's websites. This "Click&Surf" system ensures each webpage is viewed by our members before they can receive a mailing credit.

Viral Safelist Mailer's Internal Advertising Features include Full Page Ads, Two Forms of Banner Advertising and Text Link Advertising to increase the exposure our active members receive to their business.

Build your Viral Safelist Mailer downline to earn residual traffic and income. We offer referral credit bonuses for active downline members and generous affiliate commissions.

Take Advantage of Viral Safelist Mailer and Build Your Business:

1. Mail to our confirmed members with active email addresses.
2. Use our "Click&Surf" system to earn FREE website traffic and ensure your ads are viewed by our active members.
3. Utilize our Internal Advertising Features for added exposure to your business which will increase your advertising results.
4. Build your Viral Safelist Mailer downline and earn residual traffic and income.

Jackie O. Jo & Cathy have proven themselves to be hard-working, ethical business owners. Viral Safelist Mailer is an effective advertising source that continues to grow each day, bringing in new eyes to see my ads. This is a mailer that will be here for years to come. I highly recommend it!
- Jackie O,Co-Owner - TEBlaster
Jerry Ianucci Viral Safelist Mailer is one of the best launches of 2013. It’s nice to know that some owners are stepping up and turning their basic scripts into something special. Remember, it’s not the script that’s important…it’s the people who are running it that makes a successful mailer.
- Jerry Ianucci, Owner - Mister Safelist
Brenda deReus With new mailers launching almost daily, you need to make choices. With owners like Jolynn & Cathy that's not a difficult choice for me.....Because I know they will make VSM a great mailer! Viral Safelist Mailer is here to stay!
- Brenda deReus, Co-Owner - Your Eight Steps

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