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Viral Safelist Mailer FAQs

What is Viral Safelist Mailer?
Viral Mailers or Safelists are online services where members can e-mail each other. You can send an e-mail promoting your web site to our list of verified members, in return our members have your permission to email you through our site.

How Can I Mail Your Members?
Each Viral Safelist Mailer Member has agreed to receive marketing emails from other VSM members. As our membership base grows, you will have the ability to reach more prospects for your online business.

How do I use the Mailer Surfbar?
When you view a members ad, you may proceed to the next ad by clicking the matching image.

What is my relationship with Viral Safelist Mailer?
Your relationship to Viral Safelist Mailer is one of an independent contractor and/or customer. No employee-employer relationship is created by your use of the Service. You do not have any obligation to refer new members to Viral Safelist Mailer. Viral Safelist Mailer HAS NO OBLIGATION TO OFFER THE SERVICE OR OTHER PROMOTIONS TO YOU.

Note- Viral Safelist Mailer only uses a reputable payment processor to receive or send payments. If you do not have an account that receives payments from us, then you may use any earnings for on-site purchases.

Fraud Prevention
Each member must use a valid email address which will be verified. Any bounced emails will cause the immediate suspension of your account. To receive payments from Viral Safelist Mailer, members must use their real/legal name.
Your Payment Processor name and your VSM user name must match to receive payments. At any time, we may ask for proof of ID before sending commissions.

Viral Safelist Mailer provides a digital advertising product and service. Due to the nature of the product and service there will be NO REFUNDS provided. Viral Safelist Mailer does not guarantee results from using our product as this is solely the responsibility of the user.

Viral Safelist Mailer is in no way associated with any payment processor, and merely uses them to process payments for such things as subscription fees, paid advertising, and purchasing site views.

Furthermore, Viral Safelist Mailer will not be held responsible or liable for any problems, damages, or losses that may occur with regard to a member's direct association with any payment processor and any other aspects of their account. If any member cancels their Viral Safelist Mailer account, that member will be responsible for cancelling any subscriptions that member may have with Viral Safelist Mailer through the payment processor. Member MUST go to the payment processor and cancel the subscription otherwise the monthly fees will continue. YOUR Payment Processor account is YOUR responsibility!

Viral Safelist Mailer will not issue any refunds for failure to cancel services.
Any changes made to the FAQ's can be made without notice and all members will be bound to follow.

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